Sunday, July 27, 2014

2014 Pura Belpré Award Celebración

Dang, blogging is hard work, people! I'm so embarrassed. Posting about an event a month later is a total social media faux pas, I'm sure. By now the ALA Annual Conference and the 2014 Pura Belpré Celebración are but shiny little memories tucked away in my nostalgic heart. They say it's better late than never, right? Is that true? It's still summer though. I have that going for me.

Little tokens for the winners and attendees at the Pura Belpré Celebración. I hope you got yours!

The Celebración was in Caesars Palace! I'm sorry. Totally not professional, but the statues!

This year's program, designed by the winning illustrator, folds out into a poster. Whuuuut? The other side features the program itself and a portrait of Pura Belpré created by Yuyi Morales. 

(L-R) Happiness! Pura Belpré winners Meg Medina, Matt de la Peña, Margarita Engle and Yuyi Morales!

The fantastic José Luis Orozco leading the audience in singing "Cielito Lindo" (and later, "De Colores"). I love everything about the celebración, but singing these songs from my childhood is always so much fun. 

The legend! Oralia Garza de Cortés speaking on the significance of the Pura Belpré Award. I hope I'm not misquoting Oralia, but I love her description of the creation of these awards coming from a place of "grief." 

These ladies make it happen. From left to right: Lucia Gonzalez and Ana-Elba Pavon, Co-Chairs of CAYASC / REFORMA; Isabel Espinal, REFORMA Past President; Starr Latronica, ALSC Past President

L-to-R: Los ganadores! The winners! Meg Medina, Matt de la Peña, Margarita Engle, Yuyi Morales, Rafael Lopez, Angela Dominguez. Duncan Tonatiuh is in there between Yuyi and Rafael. He keeps a low profile. All gave wonderful, touching and inspiring speeches. You can read Meg's and Yuyi's speeches on the ALSC Book & Media Awards page. Really proud of this group of amazing writers and artists.

Dancers from Grupo Infantil del Ballet Folklorico Izel. These kids have moves.

Meg and Yuyi signing after the Belpré celebracion. 2014 Pura Belpré Award Committee member Maria X. Peterson is over on the right lending a hand. Hardest working committee in book award business, folks!

Angela Dominguez exudes a glow in the exhibit hall. Okay, maybe it was the exhibit hall lights shining on the cover of the book combined with my bad photography. Still, angelic as she signs copies of her 2014 Belpré Honor Maria Had A Little Llama / María Tenía Una Llamíta post-award ceremony.

It was an honor to be a part of this year's celebration, and now that I have put this much-delayed post to rest, I think I can move on with my life. Whew!